Ice & Snow Removal

J&K DeLorenzo, Inc. dba Westside Developers

Ice & Snow Removal Services

At J&K DeLorenzo, Inc. dba Westside Developers, we provide snow and ice removal from your roof and adjoining areas. Our team understands the issues caused by ice and snow on your roof and know how to help correct the situation. Icicles are the first sign of an ice related problem. Improper attic ventilation and heavy snowfall are common recipes for ice damming, and if left unattended, could lead to a leaking roof. In recent years, the addition of proper roof ventilation systems has become a standard in the roofing and home building industries.

Our staff is well trained and experienced in removing snow and ice damming. It is not advisable for a homeowner to walk on a snow-covered roof or attempt removal of ice damming on their own without proper equipment and knowledge of safety procedures! Don't risk the possibility of personal injury and/or damage to your roof!

Feel free to call us today for prompt, professional, and emergency services.